Project OTTER: EVA Spacesuit Evaluation

OTTER: Operational Tools and Techniques for Exoplanetary Research

Project OTTER Extravehicular Activity research

Co-developed with Final Frontier Design, Project OTTER (‘Operational Tools and Techniques for Extravehicular Research’) provides a practical education for the professional interested in Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Spacesuit Operations. Learn about Martian and lunar geology, space medicine, saturation diving, life support systems, spaceflight physiology, and EVA in analog microgravity, terrestrial and underwater environments!

All PoSSUM Scientist-Astronaut Candidates and Advanced PoSSUM Academy graduates are eligible to enroll in Project OTTER research and education programs. Additionally, students wishing to participate in underwater analog EVA research to be offered in Summer 2018 are required to complete OTTER saturation diving and space medicine courses.

What we do

Microgravity EVA Suit Operations

Details to be released soon

Underwater EVA Suit Operations

Details to be released soon

Lunar and Martian Analog EVA

Details to be released soon