Survival Systems and Project PoSSUM Partner to Provide Spacecraft Egress Instruction

05 Jan Survival Systems and Project PoSSUM Partner to Provide Spacecraft Egress Instruction

Groton, CT. – Survival Systems USA (‘SSUSA’) of Groton, CT announced today that it has partnered with Integrated Spaceflight Services LLC (‘ISS’) to provide a unique course titled ‘Spacecraft Egress and Rescue Operations’, a professional-level course designed for space architects, astronautics professionals, and mission planners interested in the landing and post- landing phases of manned space missions.

The partnership establishes ISS as the exclusive provider of space training and space education services in partnership with SSUSA and the course will be offered through the non-profit astronautics research and education non-profit, Project PoSSUM, as part of the PoSSUM Bioastronautics Program.

“Contingency planning is seldom talked about publicly in the manned commercial space industry because commercial companies want to protect an image of safety. But access to space is risky and manned space vehicles and space architecture are always designed around credible contingencies”, said ISS CEO Dr. Jason Reimuller, “Historically, contingency rescue planning has been based around international agreements supporting government-run space programs. But who will come to rescue a commercial crew after an aborted mission?”

The five-day course is the first professional education course on the landing and post-landing phase of manned spacecraft missions and focuses on vehicle and spacesuit design and egress procedures. Coupled with preparatory webinar-based instruction, the course will be offered each April at SSUSA’s Groton, CT location, where immersive aircraft egress and sea survival components will complement the instructional material to provide an intuitive understanding to the design of operational procedures and egress systems.

“Integrated Spaceflight Services and their commitment to contingency planning in manned space missions is an ideal partner for Survival Systems to expand our mission of enhancing and preserving lives.” said SSUSA CEO Maria C. Hanna. “I am thrilled by the potential impact the combined efforts, expertise, and resources will have on space mission safety and survivability.”

Students will learn about nominal and contingency landing scenarios, post-landing planning, rescue and recovery architecture design, egress systems and operational procedures, deconditioning and post-landing survivability, generalized egress skills and emergency egress bottle use. Interested students may register online through

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