Project PoSSUM Introduces the ‘PoSSUM 13’ Program to inspire and educate young women in STEM

PoSSUM 13 Mission Patch

19 Jan Project PoSSUM Introduces the ‘PoSSUM 13’ Program to inspire and educate young women in STEM

Boulder Colo. – Project PoSSUM announced today the formation of a new PoSSUM educational outreach program. Thirteen PoSSUM Scientist-Astronaut Candidates and Advanced Academy PoSSUM graduates have joined forces to create the “PoSSUM 13“, a space education and advocacy effort created to honor the legacy of the Mercury 13. The PoSSUM 13 will serve as global ambassadors in increasing opportunity and engagement for students – and especially young women – who have a passion for space science and exploration. Through a combination of educational outreach initiatives and mentorship, the PoSSUM 13 will serve as ambassadors of PoSSUM’s citizen science efforts.

To introduce the inaugural year, Project PoSSUM will commit three payload slots for student experiments onboard the National Research Council’s Falcon 20 microgravity research aircraft for this October’s PoSSUM microgravity research campaign. PoSSUM will also commit one slot for a winning student to fly onboard the aircraft and oversee the student experiments. Please click here for additional details or to apply.

New PoSSUM 13 members will be selected annually. The inaugural members of PoSSUM 13 are: Yvette Gonzalez of Miami, Fla; Heidi Hammerstein of Pembroke, Ga.; Shawna Pandya of Sherwood Park, Alba.; Norah Patten of Dublin, Ireland; Kellie Gerardi of Washington DC; Carmen Felix of Leiden, Netherlands; Yajaira Sierra-Sastre of Rockville, Md.; Karen Brun of Oscoda, Mich; Alyssa Carson of ;Ulyana Horodyskyj of Boulder, Colo.; Shayla Givens of Kathleen, Ga.; Anima Patil-Sabale of San Ramon, CA; and Amy Ramos of Daytona Beach, Fla.

Contact Project PoSSUM if you would like to request one of the PoSSUM 13 members to talk to your school or classroom. Additionally, the PoSSUM 13 welcomes tax-deductible donations to Project PoSSUM which may be made to specifically support the PoSSUM 13 mission.

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