PoSSUM Space Medicine Group to hold ‘Astronaut Mentality’ Webinar Series

07 Apr PoSSUM Space Medicine Group to hold ‘Astronaut Mentality’ Webinar Series

Boulder Colo. – Project PoSSUM announced today the launch of the ‘PoSSUM Astronaut Mentality’ webinar series, a 10-part hour-long online webinar series hosted by PoSSUM’s Space Medicine Group (SMG) that will address lessons learned in space and how these lessons can be applied to challenges on Earth. Specifically, astronautics has much to teach us about resilience, resourcefulness and life in isolation – skills equally applicable to life in a pandemic. From April 8-21 at 0800 PST (1100 EST), astronautics experts from the PoSSUM community will impart their expertise and skills, based on lessons learned from their research activities in analog environments, aviation, underwater environments, and more.

Dr. Shawna Pandya, Director of PoSSUM’s SMG, along with Shayla Givens, PoSSUM’s Director of Education, will host panel discussions geared towards a general scientific audience to be followed by a round-table discussion and an audience question and answer session. The webinars will cover topics such as resilience, lessons learned from the astronaut selection process, life in isolated and confined environments, expeditionary behavior, emergency preparedness and adaptability, risk analysis and critical decision-making in operational environments, nutrition in space, and issues of diversity in confined environments. The audience will be challenged to participate as well.

“We have a diversity of expertise within the PoSSUM community – military pilots, physicians, space scientists – all with truly impressive backgrounds in their respective fields,” said Dr. Pandya, “The wealth of knowledge that our speakers and panelists have to offer, based on their experiences in the space world, isolated and confined environments, and previous astronaut selections, is incredibly valuable. It is our hope that the audience derives value and education – and just as importantly, a community – that they may bring back to their own daily lives during a difficult world situation.”

The full webinar schedule with links and access information to each session can be found through the Project PoSSUM website at projectpossum.org or through the link here.

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