IIAS Graduate Certificates

After graduation, Advanced PoSSUM Academy Graduates and Scientist-Astronaut Candidates are eligible to enroll in a professional certification program offered through the International Institute for Astronautical Sciences (IIAS). IIAS offers a unique opportunity to receive professional certificates in specialized research areas including aeronomy, bioastronautics, space suit evaluation, science education, space flight operations, and flight test engineering. Each credential consists of 18 credits of instruction which are administered through distance education and combined with several weeks of on-site intensive research activities.

NOTE: IIAS courses designated by a number of 103 or higher require graduation from the PoSSUM Scientist-Astronaut Qualification Program or the Advanced PoSSUM Academy (denoted as AST 101 under IIAS) in order to enroll. Because AST 101 is required for all IIAS Professional Certifications, these credentials are available only to Project PoSSUM graduates.

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PoSSUM Aeronomy Program

The IIAS Professional Certificate in Aeronomy provides a practical education for the students interested in upper-atmospheric research from a practical, field-research oriented perspective including the use of research aircraft, high-altitude balloons, and suborbital spacecraft. Students learn to study noctilucent clouds from research aircraft, design space-qualified instrumentation and analyze field data. Remote field deployment and the successful completion of a research thesis is required for graduations.

Airborne NLC Imagery Missions
PoSSUM members Capt.
Theon ‘TK’ Te Koeti (pilot)
and Dr. Jason Reimuller
(mission specialist) prepare for a noctilucent cloud reserach sortie from
Edmonton, AB in a Royal
Canadian Air Force CT-155 ‘Hawk’ aircraft.
From 38k ft above the surface of Greenland, PMC-Turbo makes the first dedicated observations of the fine structures of noctilucent clouds

PoSSUM Bioastronautics Program

The IIAS Professional Certificate in Bioastronautics offers concentrations in both Intra-vehicular Activity (IVA) Space Suit Evaluation together with Project PoSSUM and in Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) Space Suit Evaluation in partnership with Project OTTER. Using Final Frontier Design space suits, this credential provides the student a hands-on, immersive education that will serve as a career in human space flight and technologies related to the human adaptation to the space environment. Students learn to test IVA spacesuits in microgravity environments, high-G environments, and landing and post-landing environments. Studnets interested in EVA space suit test and operations will learn about life support systems, operational space medicine, Martian and lunar geology, EVA tool development and test, and EVA space suit systems evaluation in gravity-offset and neutrally buoyant environments.

Space Suit Test and Evaluation Concentrations:

IVA Space Suits
EVA Space Suits
Orion side hatch egress with Project PoSSUM
Amy drop test-lores
Joey Gravity Offset

PoSSUM-IIAS Science Education Program

Learn the art of science communication and their ability to inspire and educate everyone from young students to other professionals. The IIAS Professional Certificate in Science Education introduces the student to the citizen-science methodology and then challenges the student to employ varying tools and techniques to engage different communities in science, using the inspiring power of Project PoSSUM and Project OTTER science campaigns.

PoSSUM Scientist-Astronaut Candidates Jim Bevington and Callum Wallach study scattering and solar mechanics.
Ivanna in Microgravity
Erik 300x200
Dr. Ulyana Horodyskyj dons her oxygen mask in the altitude chamber (credit: Ross Lockwood)

OTTER Space Flight Operations Program

The IIAS Professional Certificate in Space Flight Operations introduced the student to system engineering of human spaceflight architecture, astrodynamics, contingency operations, and spacecraft egress and post-landing operations. Mission simulation and analog training is used together with theoretical instruction of orbital and post-landing operations.

Alyssa in Orion-lores
PoSSUM Scientist-Astronaut candidates learn to operate the PoSSUMCam system in simulated flight while pressurized in a spacesuit.