A 501(c)(3) astronautics research and education program studying our upper-atmosphere and its role in our changing global climate

The only program that prepares you to be a Citizen Scientist-Astronaut

Why be a ‘spaceflight participant’ when you can now enable important climate research and learn from the world’s best space scientists and astronaut instructors? Your flight may even be tax-deductible!
PoSSUM scientist-astronaut candidate tests EVA space suit in simulated zero-G conditions.

REAL NASA-Supported Research, NOT Space Tourism

PoSSUM students learn to fly the suborbital PoSSUM ‘Noctilucent Cloud Imagery and Tomography Experiment‘, selected for flight in 2012 by NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program.
PoSSUM Balloon Imagery is directed by PoSSUM members as the NASA-funded ‘PMC-Turbo’ experiment.
Final Frontier Design spacesuits are supported through a NASA Space Act agreement and evaluated by PoSSUM Scientist-Astronaut Candidates with the Canadian Space Agency and the National Research Council of Canada.

All incoming candidates are trained at Florida Tech or Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to receive skills required for all PoSSUM citizen-science research programs.

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EVA space suit evaluations are conducted using the PoSSUM gravity-offset laboratory at the Canadian Space Agency.


PoSSUM microgravity research and IVA space suit evaluations are conducted in partnership with the National Research Council of Canada

Survival Systems USA

Post-landing egress evaluations are conducted using the PoSSUM post-landing laboratory at Survival Systems USA.

Immersive Astronautics Education: Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders in Astronautical Science

All PoSSUM courses are administered by the International Institute of Astronautical Sciences


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PoSSUM Academy Student  Brooke Kubby prepares to penetrate noctilucent cloud layers in simulated spaceflight (credit: Cinemaraven)

Advanced PoSSUM Academy

For undergraduate students interested in astronautics. Qualifies the graduate for all PoSSUM citizen-science opportunities and may be transferable to ‘scientist-astronaut’ status upon earning a BS degree.

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PoSSUM Scientist-Astronaut Class 1601 shows that they have 'The Right Stuff' in the PoSSUM High-Altitude Facility

PoSSUM Scientist-Astronaut Program

For applicants already holding a BS degree (or equivalent). 12 applicants selected each selection. Qualifies the candidate for all PoSSUM citizen-science, educator, and spaceflight opportunities.

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Project PoSSUM members test Final Frontier space suits through unassisted top-hatch egress procedures in a test article approximating NASA's Orion spacecraft.

Applied Astronautics Program

A one-year intensive astronautics program designed for the spaceflight professional. Students select two concentrations of PoSSUM astronautics research.

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Citizen-Science Astronautics Research

PoSSUM graduates conduct today’s astronautics research enabling tomorrow’s space missions
Project PoSSUM citizen science astronautics

PoSSUM Aeronomy Program

Mission: Enhance the understanding of our mesosphere

PoSSUM graduates conduct high-resolution imagery and tomographic reconstruction of noctilucent cloud structures coupled with temperature and aerosol profiles from research aircraft, high-altitude balloon campaigns, and now commercial manned spacecraft! More Info

PoSSUM Bioastronautics Program - qualifying IVA spacesuits, mission contingency planning, spaceflight physiology, and spacecraft egress.

PoSSUM Bioastronautics Program

Mission: Evaluate human performance in IVA spacesuits

PoSSUM is the exclusive citizen-science microgravity research partner of Final Frontier Design. PoSSUM graduates learn to test real spacesuits in microgravity environments, high-G environments, analog flight, and landing and post-landing environments under a NASA Space Act agreement. More info

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PoSSUM Science Education Program

Mission: Educate and inspire our next generation

Working with former NASA astronauts and PoSSUM scientists, PoSSUM educators learn to teach aeronomy and astronautics to a broad range of students in their local communities while qualifying as spacesuit technicians and simulator pilots.  More info

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OTTER Orbital Technologies Program

Mission: Evaluate human performance in EVA spacesuits

PoSSUM graduates interested in operations beyond suborbital may enroll in Project OTTER (‘Orbital Tehnologies and Tools for Extravehicular Research’). OTTER designs and calibrates actual satellites while testing Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) space suit technologies and procedures in analog microgravity, Lunar and Martian environments. More info

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