Author: Jason Reimuller

22 Dec Citizen-based astronautics program completes 20 microgravity experiments with the National Research Council of Canada

Ottawa, Ont. - This past October, the National Research Council of Canada’s Flight Research Laboratory in Ottawa, Ontario completed its fifth microgravity flight campaign with Project PoSSUM, a non-profit citizen science research organization with members hailing from 43 countries. These flights, commonly known as parabolic or zero-G flights, provide an opportunity...

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11 Nov PoSSUM Completes First Commercial Gravity-Offset EVA Space Suit Test at the Canadian Space Agency

“The scope of the effort was truly international.” said PoSSUM’s Executive Director Dr. Jason Reimuller, “The diverse PoSSUM team tested a Russian-heritage suit working under a NASA Space Act Agreement at the Canadian Space Agency with contributions from Kansas State and test teams originating from...

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02 Mar Project PoSSUM to Conduct Extended Spacecraft Egress Tests this April 11-14

“Outside of government space agencies there is no spaceflight focused emergency operations training available to researchers, academia, or civil spaceflight operators. The courses, tests and hardware we’re developing will, hopefully, build the industry database and lead to improved systems, operations and safety to all involved...

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PoSSUM 13 Mission Patch

19 Jan Project PoSSUM Introduces the ‘PoSSUM 13’ Program to inspire and educate young women in STEM

Boulder Colo. – Project PoSSUM announced today the formation of a new PoSSUM educational outreach program. Thirteen PoSSUM Scientist-Astronaut Candidates and Advanced Academy PoSSUM graduates have joined forces to create the "PoSSUM 13", a space education and advocacy effort created to honor the legacy of the Mercury 13. The...

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15 Jan PMC-Turbo Camera Flies over Antarctica to image noctilucent cloud dynamics

McMurdo, Antarctica - NASA’s PMC Turbo Mission, a $1.4M NASA-funded high-altitude balloon experiment led by PoSSUM Chief Scientist Dr. Dave Fritts, continued its success with a follow-on launch of one of its seven camera systems as a piggyback experiment onboard NASA’s SuperTIGER mission. After a circumnavigation of the Antarctic...

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