22 Dec Citizen-based astronautics program completes 20 microgravity experiments with the National Research Council of Canada

Ottawa, Ont. - This past October, the National Research Council of Canada’s Flight Research Laboratory in Ottawa, Ontario completed its fifth microgravity flight campaign with Project PoSSUM, a non-profit citizen science research organization with members hailing from 43 countries. These flights, commonly known as parabolic or zero-G flights, provide an opportunity...

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11 Nov PoSSUM Completes First Commercial Gravity-Offset EVA Space Suit Test at the Canadian Space Agency

“The scope of the effort was truly international.” said PoSSUM’s Executive Director Dr. Jason Reimuller, “The diverse PoSSUM team tested a Russian-heritage suit working under a NASA Space Act Agreement at the Canadian Space Agency with contributions from Kansas State and test teams originating from...

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